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Tropical Leaves



The Little Star of Grant Park


The Little Star of Grant Park

​We chose our location in Grant Park because of it's diversity, walkability and neighborhood feel. Conveniently located on Woodward Avenue just off I20 and Boulevard in the Historical District of Grant Park, our little eatery is located next door to Manny's Pub & Patio, Jimmy John's and Wright Style Salon.

If you've ever had the pleasure of befriending a Filipino, you know that our culture prides itself on family, food and fun. We designed our space with a welcoming, and cozy atmosphere keeping your casual comfort in mind. Like walking through the front door of a classic Filipino home, our interior was designed to marry both traditional Filipino architectural design elements with a Hollywood Regency Flare. Our goal was to provide a light and trendy atmosphere that encourages you to just kick back and relax while we take you on a authentic culinary journey to the Motherland.

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves
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Tropical Leaves


The Sun
The eight-rayed sun symbolizes the first eight provinces that revolted against the Spanish colonial government. It is found on the national flag and has become a symbol of strength and perseverance. In recent times the sun has been commonly used in Filipino Tribal Tattoos which have actually been part of our cultural history for thousands of years as far back as ‪2134–1991 BC. Whang-Od pictured above has been inking the headhunting warriors and women of her Kalinga tribe for over 8 decades using the traditional tapping style that has been in her family for over 500 years. She is 101 and is revered as a National Artist. ‪

The Sunrays
Other distinct attributes in ‪the sunrays of our logo include a Greek Key. It is made up of a long, continuous line that repeatedly folds back on itself. Despite its name, these patterns have been found in the architecture, art and sculptures of many early ancient civilizations in Greece, Egypt and China. This “key style” has been adopted and modified by major fashion designers such as Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Givenchy & Tori Burch and is also celebrated in many design periods including Empire and Hollywood Regency.

The Fork, Spoon & Knife
My best interpretation of the utensils adorning the center of our logo is accomplishing the final frontier in our culinary journey. Filipino food is finally getting the adoration and respect it deserves and is #trending according to Anthony Bourdain. But it didn’t start there. Customarily or traditionally we ate with our hands (many of our parents still do with certain dishes), but we later dubbed the most important utensils in the art of human consumption, the fork and spoon.  As a symbol of our dedication to these iconic utensils, we displayed them very proudly throughout many of our kitchens in the overly exaggerated form of a wooden fork and a spoon. Alas, evolution has forced its modern sophistications on us and we have a new found appreciation for the knife and all of its culinary conveniences. The knife the final frontier of our evolution in food consumption. Yeah, evolution and our culinary journeys through time. #filipinofood


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Estrellita | The Little Star

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